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You are what you EAT!


  • You are what you EAT!

Have you paid attention to the food you ate today? 

Notice, if you eat a lot of garlic you walk around gracing everyone with the aroma of garlic oozing from your pores…and breathe.The food you eat makes you either a healthy person or a…not so healthy person.The choices we make on a daily basis on what goes in our mouth, has a huge effect on our future, who we are, and how we feel about ourselves.

Our eating habits will determine the size of jeans we will fit into, whether we will encounter Type II Diabetes and High Blood pressure later in our life, whether we will fit in an airplane seat, whether we will sport a nice round beer belly… .

Food will also have an effect on how we feel about ourselves, how we think, and behave. Nutrition is vital to decreasing depression, anxiety, mood swings and…. skin blemishes.

Here are some healthy tips when selecting the food we are going to eat, whether we are cooking (recommended) or going out to eat:

  • Incorporate healthy fats in your diet like avocado, nuts, olive oil, and fish.
  • The darker the fruit/vegetables the more nutrients it has. Reach for greener leaf lettuces like spinach and kale, and choose red grapes over green.
  • Cook at home more. At home you get to control the sodium, butter, and content of everything that goes into your meal.
  • If you do eat out, pick a food that’s served in it’s most natural state. Fried food is not natural. Choose grilled vegetables, fruits, and/or salads.
  • Do most of your shopping from Fruit & Veggie and Meat, Grains and Dairy aisles at Memorial Concierge Virtual Grocery Store. Avoid the sugary, pre-packed and processed foods.
  • Read labels. Typically foods with less unpronounceable ingredients will be better for your body.
  • Fat free does not equal healthy. Often times if the fat is taken out of a product more sugar or corn syrup has been added to enhance the flavor of the now fat free food.
  • Sugar free does not equal healthy. Artificial sweeteners are not only linked to cancer, but they often cause the same insulin affects as regular sugars in the body, which can still lead to weight gain and cellulite.
  • Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces in water a day. Water is vital for digestion, cell and organ function.

Top 10 Healthy Foods

Listed below is the top ten healthy food list that you should consume as much as possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

1. Green vegetables- cabbage, spinach, cauliflower and other green vegetables are important elements needed for a healthy body. They are enriched in minerals and vitamins. If you’re having vegetables daily then there is no need for you to take any other form of vitamins. They also help in prevention of stomach problems, heart diseases, various cancers and diabetes.

2. Fish – fish that contains fat is extremely good for us like salmon, sardines and mackerel. These fishes have omega-3 which maintains our heart and cholesterol in our body.

3. Tomatoes- tomatoes contain lycopene which keeps our cells strong. If you do not like raw tomatoes you can always switch to ketchup and tomato juice.

4. Citrus fruits – citrus fruits like calamansi, oranges and lemons have Vitamin C in them which save us from arthritis, cold and asthma.

5. Carrots: carrots contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential to have a good eye- sight. If you are trying to lose weight then you should definitely put carrots in your diet chart as it can control your fat to a great level.

6. Bananas – banana is the healthiest fruit. It is the ultimate cure for stomach problems like stomach cramps and diarrhea. It is also an energy booster, if you feel you lack energy then you should have a banana before starting your work and then see the difference.

7. Dairy products: dairy products like cheese, milk and yogurt are to be consumed daily. They have fats, carbohydrates and calcium – almost everything that your body demands. If you are on a diet then go for diet milk and low fat cheese or yogurt.

8. Garlic- garlic reduces cholesterol.

9. Apple- an apple a day can really keep the doctor away, it has piles of vitamin c in it to keep you active and fresh all day long.

10. Water- water is most essential. It stops stomach acids and UTI from growing. Consumption of eight glasses daily will give you a glowing skin.


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